Anabolic Cooking

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Over 200 simple recipes made up of the perfect macronutrient ratios for rapid muscle and strength gains…(never worry about losing your abs again!)

Are you an aspiring bodybuilder looking for that perfect meal plan to satisfy your protein needs and help you build muscle? “The Complete Anabolic Cooking Package” is all that you’ll ever need to keep your diet on your side and not working against you. Try out any of the 200 recipes found in the cookbook designed to enhance muscle building and promote fat loss. With our personalized anabolic cooking meal plans, advanced calorie calculator, and cooking training and food log included in this package, you will never again look at food in the same light.

This affordable collection will change your approach to food and get you one step closer to the physique of your dreams.

  • Finally see your body change from week to week as you pack on more muscle.
  • Experience the most insane muscle pumps of your life with every workout.
  • Never have to worry about losing sight of your abs ever again…while still indulging in your favorite foods!
  • Sleep better and wake up every day primed and excited to crush your workouts.
  • Move heavier weight than ever before!
  • Begin hearing those “man, you’re getting jacked!” compliments again.
  • Walk into any room with your chest held high from the newly found confidence.
  • Never again lose motivation due to lack of results.

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